The #TSBC A to Z Challenge: Akshay’s List

We asked our #TSBC participants to come up with a list of books: one book for each letter of the English Alphabet. This A to Z Challenge led to a flurry of mails, DMs on Twitter and finally lists from a few of our participants. Presenting to you the fourth of the A to Z List of Books. This one’s from Akshay.

Journalist in the making and voracious reader. Can be conned into reading anything in the name of Indian mythology and Mahabharata. Wish to travel by the Kanyakumari-Dibrugarh Vivek Express once. Amateur photographer. That’s Akshay. 

Animal Farm George Orwell
Brick Lane Monica Ali
Coolie Mulk Raj Anand
Durbar Tavleen Singh
Eats, Shoots and Leaves Lynn Truss
Flesh House Stuart Macbride
Gora Rabindranath Tagore
Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad
Ice Candy Man Bapsi Sidhwa
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
Kim Rudyard Kipling
Lord of The Flies William Golding
Mahabharata by Vyasa
Nationalism Rabindranath Tagore
Our Moon Has Blood Clots Rahul Pandita
Purple Hibiscus Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Quarantine Jim Crace
Rudaali Mahaswetha Devi
Songs of Blood and Sword Fatima Bhutto
Tamas Bhisham Sahni
Ulysses James Joyce
Victors and Lords V.A. Stuart
Water Bapsi Sidhwa
Xenocide Orson Scott Card
Yaadon Ka Idiot Box Neelesh Misra
Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea Charles Seife

Thank you, Akshay 😀


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