The #TSBC Challenge

Do you DARE?

Do you have the courage to go where no book lover has gone before?

Can you step out of your comfort zone and enter a realm where the unknown can take you by surprise?

If you are adventurous enough to explore the fascinating world of books, then we recommend taking on the #TSBCChallenge head on.

TSBC Challenge

Every month, one of the founders of The Sunday Book Club, will pick 10 brave challengers on Twitter and give them book recommendations to read. We will ask you for a budget so
that the recommendations lies within what you are comfortable spending.

Once we recommend the book, you buy it and over the challenge month, read the book. Hopefully, the book will be one that will make you explore a completely new genre or author. You can report back to us with either a just a few tweets telling us what you thought of the book or if you feel, or a mail if you so wish. You can also review the book and submit it to us for consideration of publication on this blog. If it meets with our criteria, we will be happy to publish it.

What you get in return is a honour of officially receiving our one of a kind badge and the authority to boast that you took the #TSBCChallenge and came out on the other side victorious.

So, are you GAME?

PS: We are a little late in putting up this blog post – the November and December Challenges have already been given out.  Better late than never, eh ? 🙂


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