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The Pepper House Library

During my recent visit to Fort Cochin, I chanced upon the best library I’ve ever been to or could have imagined at the Pepper House Café.  A serendipitious search for my afternoon coffee led me there.

Pepper House Cafe, Fort Kochi, Travel, Library
View from the entrance of the Pepper House Cafe

Much like the town of Fort Kochi, Pepper House Café is located in a narrow lane next to the main jetty on Kalmavathi Road. The Café is actually an old bungalow-like structure with a central courtyard and the sea at its backyard.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you as your enter the narrow wooden door. And a flash of the bright blue sea can be seen across the courtyard through a narrow door in backyard.

After ordering the coffee I wandered around the place, peeked into the Café’s Art Gallery, before climbing up a flight of wooden stairs to access the first floor.

Pepper House Cafe, Fort Kochi, Travel, Library
The Pepper House Cafe’s Art Gallery and Cafe

And what I saw blew me away. A Library with a massive collection of books stored in floor to ceiling shelves and an inviting atmosphere beckoned me. Although I did not have much time to browse through the entire collection, I could see that the collection was an eclectic mix of all possible genres. There were even books in French, German and Russian.

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