@TSBookClub Hashtags: Deconstructed, Decoded, Demystified

It seems we are a little over our heads with all the hashtags that we have concocted ever since we began #TSBC. Mind you, we aren’t complaining. But its always nice to simplify things, isn’t it? So, we have collected all the hashtags together and have attempted to deconstruct, decode and demystify them for the new participants. In other words, we explain each of the hashtags right here in one place on this page. Some of the grander hashtags have been features in individual posts, and you can click on their header to be directed to them.

So here goes…


The grand daddy of all the book chats and the reason why we exist ! #TSBC is our weekly chat that takes place every Sunday between 15:00 – 16:00 Indian Standard Time. It consists of us discussing  6 questions tweeted over an hour — 1 question every 10 minutes — on a book related topic decided earlier. It is a great way to meet fellow book readers and interact on different aspects of literature, publishing, personal choices, and pretty much anything related to books in the minutest of ways.


When we started #TSBC, one of the issues we faced was that the time of the chat didn’t suit everyone. So we came up with the #TSBCLateEdition. The magic of this hashtag is that it can happen at any time, with no agenda at all, and with no fixed questions or timing. You just have to be in the right place (Twitter) at the right time (even we don’t know what that is) to take part in this. The only thing we can say is that it happens after dark.


What can be better than talking about books? Receiving books of course, silly. #TSBCBookExchange is our yearly organised exchange in which we ask you to volunteer to be a “Secret Book Santa” for a fellow book lover. Once you register, you become eligible to receive books from another member and in return have to send out books to someone else designated to you. Click on the title to read details about this concept.


This one is not for the faint hearted. Our most adventurous hashtag till date, where we ask 10 bravehearts every month to volunteer for a challenge which requires them to read a book recommended by us. The only criteria is that we ask for your budget, but besides that you have no control over what book will be assigned to you.

Update as on 28/1/1015: From January 2015, we have introduced an incentive for those participating in the challenge. The participants for each month are enouraged to post a review of the book on their blog or on Good reads or even a handwritten on a piece of paper or as a series of tweets by the last day of the month. We will pick one person from the those who read and review the book assigned to them for the challenge and send them a book from our side. Caveat: At least 5 people need to submit a review in some form or the other.


Every few months we let out a book from our bookshelf to travel through the country. #TSBCPassItForward comprises a book that is shared between book readers and passed on one by one till it comes back to us. You can writes notes and your thoughts in the margins and what we get in the end is extraordinary record and impressions of the readers as the book travels from city to city, reader to reader.


The newest hashtag in our kitty is all about going back to the basics. We are finally venturing into becoming a conventional book club wherein all of us read pre-announced book and then discuss it at a given time (usually the last Sunday of a month). The #TSBookChat is a bi-monthly (once every two months) and you can read more about it in a post dedicated to it.


We confess we have been slacking off in this department. #TSBCGame is our spur-of-the-moment quiz that enables you to earn 20 points for being first and correctly answer a question we ask. Once you reach 100 points, we send you a gift. The hashtag is still officially open and we plan to be more active with it soon.


Our one and only defunct hashtag. Making a crossword was taking too long and the response from you lot was a bit on the low side, so we thought it better to cross this one out from our list of hashtags.


Our popular mid-week (Wednesday) hashtag wherein we request you to tell us which book has you enthralled at that particular time/day/week. It’s a great way to find out what everyone is reading.


A hashtag that gives you the opportunity, every Thursday, to recommend 1 Book by 1 Author that is essential reading. Searching the hashtag will lead you to some amazing finds and it is also a way for you to share some of your likes with others.


If phone companies are eager to add cameras to mobile devices, we are eager to see what you click with them. Every Friday, we give a fun, book-related theme and request you to take pictures and post them for everyone to see.


The day, which is Saturday, when you tell us a genre of your interest and we recommend a book to you based on that.


This takes place every Monday wherein we invite one of our followers to share a photo with 15 books and see how many of them have been read by the others. This hashtag is by invitation only, and if you wish to participate, send us a DM.


A random hashtag wherein one of our founders recommends a book that must be on everyone’s reading list. We hope to recommend different genres and also try and recommend books that are not termed as “classics”.

And that’s all for now, folks. Hope its made our hashtags simpler for you to follow. Confession: It has definitely made things easier for us.


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    1. Yeah, it was long pending. Unfortunately with out work schedules and as you can see ongoing numerous hashtags we sometimes have to delay posts. Thanks

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