Reading India with TSBC

About 6 months back, we stumbled across Ann Morgan’s blog, A Year of Reading the World and were blown away by what she had done. And with good reason too !

In 2012, Ann Morgan embarked on a year-long journey of the literary kind. She read a book from every independent country in the world. That was a total of 196 books read that year. Since then, Ann has published a book titled Reading the World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer, which talks about her journey — the stories, the research, the people involved — and how it changed her thinking and her perception of the world.

Reading about Ann’s literary journey on her blog and later her book, inspired us and got us thinking about reading the immediate world around us. Reading India. Reading India’s diversity and sub-cultures through her various States and Union Territories (UTs), one book at a time. Reading India with you and through you.

That’s how the idea of #TSBCReadsIndia was born.

So, what exactly is #TSBCReadsIndia and how does it work? We have elaborated on it in a question and answer format below and one that we hope will tell you all that you wish to know.

1. What is #TSBCReadsIndia?

It is a reading challenge with a difference. In other words, it is a literary journey through India where you read one book from each State and UT of India.

2. Who can join #TSBCReadsIndia?

Anyone can join in.

3. How many books do I have to read for #TSBCReadsIndia?

There are 29 States and 7 UTs in India, which will make it a total of 36 books for #TSBCReadsIndia.

4. Should the books I read for #TSBCReadsIndia be an original piece of writing or a translation? Fiction or non-fiction? Any particular genre to be followed?

It is entirely up to you. You can choose to read a translated work or one in the original language; fiction or non-fiction; a mix of genres or a single genre… what is important here is that you cover all the States and UTs of India.

5. How do I choose a book to read for each State or UT?

Once again, it is entirely up to you. How you define what constitutes a book from a particular State or UT will help you in choosing the book. For example, it can be:

  • A book which is set in or about that state/UT and written by someone native to the State/UT in question.
  • A book which is set in or about that state/UT, but written by someone NOT native to the State/UT in question.

We believe that the process of listing books from a particular State / UT, narrowing down your choices and finally choosing one to read will be an enjoyable one.

6. Do I have to start reading in a particular order of States and UTs?

Not at all. You can start alphabetically or in reverse order or go region wise or randomly or in any which way that you wish to proceed. All that needs to be kept in mind is that you cover all the States and UTs of India in #TSBCReadsIndia.

7. I can read only in English. What if I can’t find an English translation for a book from a particular State/Union Territory?

That’s what the large #TSBC community is for. Tweet to the community for suggestions and help and we’re confident that a book recommendation will come up. In the unlikely event that you can’t find a book from that particular State/Union Territory, move to the next one on your list, and return to it later when a suggestion is available.

8. Can I read books in languages other than English for #TSBCReadsIndia?

Yes, of course. You can read the books in any language that you wish to read in.

9. Is there a specific time period to finish the #TSBCReadsIndia challenge?

Not really, but based on average reading speeds, a year should be enough. But it’s okay if you take less time or more. The important thing is to complete the journey.

10. Can I include books that I’m reading as part of another reading challenge in #TSBCReadsIndia?

Yes. But do remember that it should fit in with the criteria mentioned earlier for #TSBCReadsIndia.

11. Do I have to write and post a review of the books I read as part of #TSBCReadsIndia?

If you are a blogger, it will be nice if you can post the reviews there. If you don’t have a blog, you can post a review of the book on Goodreads, or as a tweet or series of tweets. You can even tweet with a photo of your handwritten review. Just remember to add the #TSBCReadsIndia hashtag. Not only will it be a record of your literary journey through India, we hope it will inspire other readers to undertake a similar journey too.

12. What if I join #TSBCReadsIndia, but am unable to complete it or don’t want to continue after a while?

There are no compulsions here as choosing to be part of #TSBCReadsIndia is voluntary. Therefore completing reading a book from every State and UT of India, or deciding not to complete the challenge is up to you.

13. What happens after I complete #TSBCReadsIndia? Is there a giveaway planned?

We hope that the #TSBCReadsIndia journey will be so enriching that you will continue reading India long after the actual challenge is over.

The Sunday Book Club is run by people passionate about books and committed to spreading the love for books through events like this. Whenever we offer giveaways they come from us personally and not from a sponsor. Also, the giveaways are spontaneous and never planned in advance. Therefore, at this moment, there is no giveaway planned for those completing #TSBCReadsIndia.

14. I’m joining in. How do I start?

Welcome aboard 🙂

Decide on how you want to go about #TSBCReadsIndia — the order of states, fiction/nonfiction or a mix of both, etc. — and start reading. If you want suggestions and recommendations on books from a particular State or UT, tweet to the #TSBC community. Once you have decided on the book, tweet (with the hashtag) the book you are reading and the State/UT it represents. Once you have finished reading a book/State/UT, share your review, and move to the next book/State/UT. Repeat. Continue sharing your thoughts as you journey from one book/State/UT to another.

We believe that we have covered #TSBCReadsIndia quite comprehensively here. If you still have queries or feel that we have missed out on some detail, please mention it in the comments section and we will respond.

So, has #TSBCReadsIndia inspired you, interested you and intrigued you to join? Are you ready to begin reading India with #TSBC?


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