The Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme 2016

Let’s welcome 2016 with a bang, shall we? Please welcome the Great TSBC Book Exchange Programme 2016. 😀

TSBC Exchange

#TSBC is a labour of love for us and we haven’t let limited resources or our personal lives deter us from our goal of sharing the love for books and the joy of reading with all of you. May we say, with pride and happiness, that we have succeeded to a large extent in this and #TSBC has become like a little family now ?

One of the primary goals of #TSBC, besides talking about books, is to be a medium for people to find others who share similar interests in books. Towards this, we are constantly on the lookout for activities that can be enjoyed by all and also spread the love of reading among people of all ages. Towards this, we introduced the Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme in September 2013 to some amazing response.

And that enthused us enough to offer it again in 2014, and now again with the onset of the new year in 2016. This third edition is pretty much similar to the previous editions with some minor changes. So without much ado let’s get down to the brass tacks.

How does the Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme 2016 Work?

It’s quite simple.

The Book Exchange programme is similar to the idea of Secret Santa. Admittedly, the idea is neither new nor original, but since something like this is being done exclusive for books, we hope it will bring some surprise and joy into the lives of the people who love reading.

So what happens is this: If you sign up for the Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme, you will be the anonymous Secret Book Giver for one person randomly assigned to you. In turn, you will receive a book or books from your Secret Book Giver, who will remain anonymous to you.

Some Important Points to Keep in Mind

  1. It is very important to keep in mind is that you will have to share your contact details (mailing address and phone number) with us, which we will be sharing, in turn, with your Secret Book Giver. Please keep in mind that your contact details will be shared with a stranger about whom we cannot give any guarantee. If you are not comfortable with this, we request you to please not take part.
  2. The Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme is purely voluntary. However,  by agreeing to take part in this programme, it is expected that you send the book(s) to the person allotted to you.
  3. When you agree to take part and share your contact details, you will be expected to send a minimum of 1-3 books to the person allotted to you. The choice of books is entirely up to you, but they must be new, and the minimum value of the total number of books you are sending should be Rs.500/-.
  4. You will have to take a gamble regarding the books you will receive — it could be a book you have read or by an author or genre you don’t know or like. We urge you to look at the  #TSBC Book Exchange as a chance to step out of your comfort zone and be introduced to something different altogether. Similarly, we encourage you to think differently and send books that you think might not have been read by most people.  Also, when sending the book(s) please make sure that you stay away from common, popular titles, unless you know that the person you are sending it to hasn’t read it.
  5. If you don’t receive the books, you can contact us and we will get in touch with your Secret Book Giver and try to sort out the matter. Please do note that while we will do everything to ensure that everyone sends and receives books, #TSBC is not responsible for missing or undelivered books.
  6. We take great pride in #TSBC being global and having participants from other countries. While we would love to keep this book exchange programme open to everyone from around the world, we acknowledge that high postage costs could deter some from participating. Therefore, our form asks if you are willing to send books to international locations. Depending on the feedback, we will either include participants from outside India or not. We apologise for any disappointments in advance.
  7. In most cases, because #TSBC has become like a family, you might already know the person you are sending books to through Twitter. Although you might use this advantage to find out about the kind of books the other person likes or not, we request you to be tactful about this and not disclose your identity to them.
  8. Defaulters’ names will be made public on TSBC and they will blacklisted from taking part in any #TSBC activity.
  9. The Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme 2016 is open to anyone over 18 years old and will have up to a maximum of 50 participants.
  10. The last date for registering for the programme is January 15, 2016, or till we get a maximum of 50 participants, whichever is earlier. Please note that just registration does not ensure your participation in the programme.

Who can participate?

Ideally, we would love to throw it open to all those who follow us on Twitter. However, based on our experience of the previous two editions, we will be vetting the registrations and choosing the participants based on interaction and participation in #TSBC activities.

How to register

So, have you liked what you have read about the Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme 2016? Ready to join and be a Secret Book Giver and receive a book or books in turn?

Then fill up the form here and click on “Submit” 🙂

We are very excited about the 2016 Great #TSBC Book Exchange Programme and hope that you are too. Looking forward to your participation and in making this a success.


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