Four “Chef” Autobiographies You Must Read

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Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Anthony Bourdain, Joe Bastianich are but some of the “celebrity chefs” rotating their presence on our TV screens right now. They’ve changed the way we cook and have made chefs into rock-stars of an international level. Gordon Ramsay, probably the most “visible” amongst the lot – my 8-year-old when asked to do a one page biography on someone famous chose him – has been the judge of Masterchef US for a few years now and has two restoration series wherein he travels to different parts of America helping people find their spark back in running their restaurants and/or hotels. Marco Pierre White is a guest judge on Masterchef Australia and Joe Bastianich till last season was with Masterchef US but as far as I know he will be hosting the Italian version of the show from now on. Anthony Bourdain is a well known travel…

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