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@TSBookClub Hashtags: Deconstructed, Decoded, Demystified

It seems we are a little over our heads with all the hashtags that we have concocted ever since we began #TSBC. Mind you, we aren’t complaining. But its always nice to simplify things, isn’t it? So, we have collected all the hashtags together and have attempted to deconstruct, decode and demystify them for the new participants. In other words, we explain each of the hashtags right here in one place on this page. Some of the grander hashtags have been features in individual posts, and you can click on their header to be directed to them.

So here goes…


The grand daddy of all the book chats and the reason why we exist ! #TSBC is our weekly chat that takes place every Sunday between 15:00 – 16:00 Indian Standard Time. It consists of us discussing  6 questions tweeted over an hour — 1 question every 10 minutes — on a book related topic decided earlier. It is a great way to meet fellow book readers and interact on different aspects of literature, publishing, personal choices, and pretty much anything related to books in the minutest of ways. Continue reading @TSBookClub Hashtags: Deconstructed, Decoded, Demystified


Pass It Forward, the #TSBC Way

TSBc Pass it Forward

We are very happy to announce #TSBC’s  latest  initiative to spread the love and joy of reading — #TSBCPassItForward.

So, what is this #TSBCPassItForward all about? It’s simple really. Read the book you have been sent, and pass it forward to another person (within India) to read. But before you do that there is this small matter of rules and and suggestions:

  1. This book belongs to someone, so please take care of it the way you would your own book. Please do not bend, dog-ear the pages or tear the book.
  2. Feel free to add your thoughts or comments in the margins or wherever you find space throughout the book. You are more than welcome to underline or highlight parts that you felt were special in any way, maybe even add a note as to why you thought so. Try to be clean while doing this and using a pencil for this is recommended. You can always add as many post-it notes to it as you like.
  3. On the last page of the book, please write your name and the place you are in so that by the end of this run, which will last about 10-15 ‘passes’ we will know where all the book has travelled to.
  4. Please use the hashtag #TSBCPassItForward when tweeting about receiving, sending, or generally talking about the book.
  5. Do tweet us when you receive the book.
  6. Each book will have different time period to read it and this will be mentioned on the first page of the book. You need to read it and send it forward within that time period.

Continue reading Pass It Forward, the #TSBC Way