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There’s change in the air !

Things are a-changing at #TSBC.

Over time we’ve felt that by not collaborating with publishers, at least occasionally, you were losing out. Because we don’t run #TSBC as a business, we can’t have as many giveaways as we’d like to. Also, we think that since publishers are an important aspect of reading, they should also be celebrated. As a result we have decided to contact a few publishers who we think are exceptional their field and try and have events catered around books and reading.

Yes, things are changing now and we hope for the best. We thought you should know about how these changes will come into play.

  1. We plan on not promoting any single book or author at this time, even when collaborating with publishers.
  2. As much as possible all the events that are part of the promotion, will focus on the books and reading. But obviously, the interest of the publisher will be kept in mind since they are the ones generous enough to give us books for giveaways.
  3. These events and collaborations will not become a regular feature and our operations will remain the same. We promise that our recommendations and choices will not be influenced in any way just because a publisher is collaborating with us. However, the reason why we are collaborating with a publisher is because we already love their work.
  4. While we will try our level best not to have the “RT and Follow” procedures, I hope you will appreciate that you will have to follow the Twitter handles of the publisher and #TSBC to be eligible for the giveaways.

What’s in this for us? First up, we are not starting a PR company. We are still the same with our own separate businesses to take care of. However, we will request the publishers to give us (the three founders) some books for our personal use.

We also promise that in the end we are doing this for you, for more giveaways, for spreading the love of books a little more and let’s be honest here, everyone loves a free book. However, for the time being, we are staying away from working with a particular author or promote a particular book. Working with publishers will hopefully give all of us the benefit of dealing with multiple books by various authors.

Starting next week, we will have the first of our collaborations. We will also keep a log below of these collaborations just so you are aware.

We encourage you to participate in the events as and when they happen. We hope that this activity will help us put a spotlight on people who work inside the industry and many times behind the scenes.


March 23 to 29, 2015:  Blaft Publications  @blaftness


#TSBC Postcards

We’re bringing sexy (read Snail Mail) back in fashion. In case you are wondering, you read that right the first time. 🙂

As most of you are aware, along with our love for books, it has been our endeavour to bring together book lovers and form a community where book discussions of all sorts can take place. One of the “complaints” we often get is that a number of our followers who live abroad are unable to participate in everything we do; they especially miss out on giveaways. So, we decided to come up with an idea that would break through all sorts of boundaries, and that idea is #TSBCPostcards.

#TSBC, Postcards

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Reading India with TSBC

About 6 months back, we stumbled across Ann Morgan’s blog, A Year of Reading the World and were blown away by what she had done. And with good reason too !

In 2012, Ann Morgan embarked on a year-long journey of the literary kind. She read a book from every independent country in the world. That was a total of 196 books read that year. Since then, Ann has published a book titled Reading the World: Confessions of a Literary Explorer, which talks about her journey — the stories, the research, the people involved — and how it changed her thinking and her perception of the world.

Reading about Ann’s literary journey on her blog and later her book, inspired us and got us thinking about reading the immediate world around us. Reading India. Reading India’s diversity and sub-cultures through her various States and Union Territories (UTs), one book at a time. Reading India with you and through you.

That’s how the idea of #TSBCReadsIndia was born.

So, what exactly is #TSBCReadsIndia and how does it work? We have elaborated on it in a question and answer format below and one that we hope will tell you all that you wish to know. Continue reading Reading India with TSBC

@TSBookClub Hashtags: Deconstructed, Decoded, Demystified

It seems we are a little over our heads with all the hashtags that we have concocted ever since we began #TSBC. Mind you, we aren’t complaining. But its always nice to simplify things, isn’t it? So, we have collected all the hashtags together and have attempted to deconstruct, decode and demystify them for the new participants. In other words, we explain each of the hashtags right here in one place on this page. Some of the grander hashtags have been features in individual posts, and you can click on their header to be directed to them.

So here goes…


The grand daddy of all the book chats and the reason why we exist ! #TSBC is our weekly chat that takes place every Sunday between 15:00 – 16:00 Indian Standard Time. It consists of us discussing  6 questions tweeted over an hour — 1 question every 10 minutes — on a book related topic decided earlier. It is a great way to meet fellow book readers and interact on different aspects of literature, publishing, personal choices, and pretty much anything related to books in the minutest of ways. Continue reading @TSBookClub Hashtags: Deconstructed, Decoded, Demystified

10 Reasons for the Success and Failure of eBooks

A couple of years back, eBooks were supposed to revolutionize the publishing world. The end of bookstores was near (and it still is, but for a completely different reason). Physical books were supposed to be a thing of the past and with eBooks being “nature friendly” (debatable), it seemed that conventional books had already lost the battle.

Things are different today. While there might be growth in favour of digitalization, it’s not fast enough to cover the expenses that publishers have to pour into this new format.  It seems that publishers have to really push hard to sell digital editions of their books.

So, why is it that while we have adopted and adapted to new technology in almost all fields that people still prefer physical books over eBooks?

Here’s are my 10 reasons for why I think so:

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So last week I went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Watford seems a somewhat unlikely place for wizards and witches to assemble, but this small town, just an hour’s journey north west of central London, is where the fans Gryffindor, Ron, Hermione and Harry flock to cast spells amongst the cauldrons, broomsticks and classrooms of a little known school called Hogwarts … and find out how their favourite school they never went to was filmed amongst various other sets as a part of the famous Harry Potter series.

The Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour is a Potter fans dream day out. Housing not only sets used in the films, but props, models, artwork and a few little secrets that made the special effects that much more believable, this tour is not to be missed if you want the scoop on how your favourite wizard based book series made it to the big screen.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

The tour starts as soon as you enter the lobby.  Hanging high above your head are a series of huge posters showing how some of the film cast developed with age over the shooting of the seven films. Once you have you ticket(s) in hand you’ll have to wait in a small queue which allows for you to receive a small health and safety talk.  Once you are healthy and safe you move into a cinema room where Harry, Ron and Hermione (their real names are ** at this point) greet you and give you a very high level overview of what it was like working on the different films over the course of almost 10 years.  Once the short screening has come to an end, a little bit of magic will take place right before your eyes and you’ll soon be moving into the Hogwarts Grand Hall.

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A cup of tea

A Cup of Tea is a short story by Katherine Mansfield. First published in 1992, it remains one of Mansfield’s best known stories. The plot is fairly simple:

It is a cold and wet day in London. After a visit to the shops, Rosemary Fell is about to get into her chauffeur-driven car, when she is approached by a penniless young girl, Miss Smith, for money that would buy her a cup of tea. Rosemary is intrigued as she cannot believe that a person cannot have money to buy a cup of tea.

‘… It’s a cup of tea I want, madam.’ And she burst into tears.

Inspired to do more — she persuades the young Ms. Smith to come home with her  — she visualises transforming the poor girl’s life, and becoming the talk of the high society she moves in. When she reaches home, Philip, Rosemary’s husband, is surprised to see Ms. Smith and also hear about Rosemary’s plans for the girl’s future. He leaves  Rosemary and Ms. Smith, but not before mentioning to Rosemary that the girl was 

‘…so astonishingly pretty.’

Sometime later, Rosemary goes and tells Philip that Ms. Smith has insisted on leaving, and that she had no choice but to let her go but only after she accepted a little ‘present of money’. Rosemary then asks:

‘Philip,’ she whispered, and she pressed his head against her bosom, ‘am I pretty?’

I was about 13 years old when I read A Cup of Tea and it had quite an impact on me. I had not tasted tea till then and the Miss Smith’s desperation for a cup of tea was something that mystified and intrigued me.  I also understood feminine insecurity for the first time, as I did shallowness of the human nature. The anonymity of the poor shook me — what sort of a name was Ms. Smith? I even wrote a rather impassioned critique of the story and shared it with some of my classmates, who thought I was making too much of a chapter in my English textbook ! After all it was just a story !

But what a story it was !

A Cup of Tea was the beginning of a lifelong love for the genre of short stories. Over the years, I have read short stories from all over the world as translations, or in the original English or Hindi, discovered writers and explored whole new worlds with them. From O’Henry, Saki, Premchand, Oscar Wilde, Gitanjali Shree, Jhumpa Lahiri, Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, Rabindranath Tagore, Ramanujam, Ismat Chugtai, Manto, Kalpana Swaminathan, Edith Perlman … it is a love that has been sustained and nurtured and there are still so many writers and short stories to discover and read 🙂

For me a short story is a cup of tea and a cup of tea, a short story; they are synonymous with each other. Each cup of tea or a short story retains within it a complexity and freshness that is invigorating. This Sunday, on #TSBC, we discuss short stories and I am very excited about the event. I looking forward to connecting with those participants who love this genre and get recommendations on short stories to read and writers to follow. And for a change, instead of my regular cup of coffee, I’m going to participate in the event with a freshly brewed cup of tea. Rose tea, my favourite 🙂



@sudhagee is one of the founders of #TSBC. She is an editor and communications professional and also blogs on travel, books, music, Mumbai and sometimes, social issues.


Welcome to the The Sunday Book Club (#TSBC) ! 😀

photo 12#TSBC is an initiative to get the Twitter community together to discuss various book-related topics. Besides having fun, #TSBC is the perfect way to find like-minded individuals who share the same passion for books as you do and, in the process, discover different books, authors, and genres that the bookworm in you might fancy.

In other words, it is the perfect opportunity for you to know about new books, interesting facts, and even participate in competitions and, maybe, interact with special guests.

#TSBC events place from 3 to 4 pm Indian Standard Time every Sunday. For more details on #TSBC, do check out our various pages, the links to which can be found on the menu bar below the header image. And while you’re checking us out, do take a little time out and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you !