#TSBC Founders

Raghav Modi



Raghav Modi (@raghavmodi) is also the founder of a movie chat (#MTOS) and a food chat (#SundayFoodChat). He has his own family export business and pursues interests in film, travel, food, photography, books and social media.



Sudha Ganapathi




Sudha Ganapathi (@sudhagee) is an editor and communications professional. She blogs on travel, books, music, art, aesthetics, Mumbai and sometimes, social issues.



Rahul Gupta



Rahul Gupta (@meetneois a pharma entrepreneur with interests in books, travelling, watching sci-fi movies (especially The Matrix) and rock music. He formally left the #TSBC team in 2015.



#TSBC is Raghav’s idea, who was drawn towards the various chats taking place on Twitter. With his experience of hosting #MTOS (a movie chat), he decided on the idea of #TSBC. He  contacted Rahul and Sudha to be part of this venture as co-founders and after a flurry of emails, #TSBC was launched on 30th September 2012.


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