#TSBC Team

Raghav Profile TSBCRaghav is the host of The Sunday Book Club. Besides being an avid reader, he writes about travel and food on his blog TickerEatsTheWorld.com. As a film buff, amateur photographer, freelance content writer, and driver to his two children, Raghav is typically busy doing something or the other, or making the most of his free time by taking a much-deserved nap.  You can contact Raghav on Twitter or travel the world via his Instagram.  


Sudeepa NairSudeepa Nair lives with her husband and daughter on a tropical island close to the equator. Fortunately, to help satiate her social curiosity, she also shares the island with about 6.5 million Singaporeans. Dreaming of tropical locales and verdant surroundings, Sudeepa loves to romanticize the metropolitan cities that she has lived in, while idolizing her native state of Kerala. She often finds herself tempering her innate whimsical reveries with her acquired sense of business, blending these two in her favourite genres of contemporary mysteries and science fiction. She is an engineer by qualification who followed the herd to obtain a business degree. About a year ago, she extricated herself from the hamster wheel of a corporate job. She imagines that after studying the mysterious ways of the consulting industry for over thirteen years, writing mystery and science fiction plots, should be a walk in the park. When she is not writing you would find her daydreaming by a lake in the park, fuming over a failed experiment in the kitchen, puzzling about her hubby’s philosophical musings or awestruck by her daughter’s artwork. She blogs at sudeepanair.wordpress.com and tweets at NairSudeepa.



When not busy buying books and reading them, you can find Avinash working with brands and businesses – helping them with their marketing and content strategy. Currently, he resides in Kathmandu- surrounded by mountains, prayers, love and books. You can find Avinash’s writings and reviews on his blog avirandom.com, and also follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads.


Kiranmayi GKiranmayi is a techie by profession, passionate reader, part-time book blogger, spiritual seeker, enthusiastic learner and occasional fiction writer. You can check out her blog at blog.medhaapps.com and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for articles and information on books, beauty, and travel.





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